Portfolio Category: Portfolio Headphones

  • KFD Halloween

    The client wanted a Halloween ad that included a coupon code as well as featured an item that was on sale. This was shared on their website, email and social media.

  • Golden State Poster

    The client wanted a poster for their kungfu competition. The goal was for it to be eye catching and should display some of the kungfu movements.

  • Rewards Card

    The client wanted a design for a rewards program card. The goal was to keep it simple and modern.

  • Remix Cover

    This was a cover art that I made in blender and edited in photoshop for a remix another musician did of one of my tracks. The goal was to make something sci fi and mysterious.

  • Darksynth Flyer

    This is a flyer I designed for a local electronic music concert. The goal was to make it look dark and retro looking.

  • Instagram Concert Flyer

    This was I flyer I designed for one of the shows that I put on locally. The goal was to make it look retro and use some elements of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

  • Spaced Out

    This was a 3D render I did in blender that was used to make an album cover. The goal of it was to make it look retro and spacey.

  • Skull T

    I designed this shirt and then edited this promo picture. I used stock image for the forest and took a photo of myself and edited all together in photoshop.

  • Synth & Brews Twitch

    This is a visual that I made in blender to be used as a visual during my live podcast twitch stream. The goal was to make it look like two astronauts are talking while drinking a beer. The tv screens can be used to either display a picture of the guests or live webcam.

  • Concert Schedule

    This was a graphic I made to promote my upcoming concerts.